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What have I learned during my FHC internship?

24 Aug

I can’t believe that I’m at the end of this 15-week Family Health Center internship already . . . .  It really has flown by so quickly.  Just reflecting over the past 4 months, I am remembering each patient and each heartfelt moment.  This has truly been an experience that I will take with me for the rest of my life!

Young or old, each person has given me a greater understanding for my future in nursing.  So many stories will forever be in my heart, and I can only hope that I’ve helped every patient in some small way.

One thing I’ve learned is how to communicate more effectively with patients  . . . .  My KVCC nursing instructors will be so proud to hear that I utilized “therapeutic communication” this summer!!   I also feel more knowledgeable and well-rounded as an LPN and better prepared for my future as an RN.

Overall this experience has made me look at things in my life completely differently.  I know I’m blessed with many things in my life but now I also realize more than ever how important it is to NOT take things for granted.  I have seen so many people whose lives have changed in an instant . . . people who never thought they would be in the predicament where they are today.   They have taught me to appreciate today.

There are many wonderful people that I’ve met at Family Health Center:  Doctors, Physician’s Assistants, Midwives, Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Practical Nurses, Medical Assistants, Front desk staff, Medical Records administrators, Pharmacists and Technicians, Community Relations and many more…..THANK YOU!

To the people who worked along side me,  I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to teach me the ropes and show me new experiences!

And, finally, my tremendous gratitude to Pfizer and KVCC for creating such a remarkable opportunity for me to learn and share my experiences with all of you.



Can’t imagine walking in your footsteps

15 Aug

One of the departments that I’ve enjoyed the most during my time at Family Health Center is OB/GYN.  I’m constantly amazed by each patient and how unique each story of life and survival is . . . 

We had a lovely young lady come in pregnant with her fourth child and doing her health history made me realize how much of a survivor she is.  She is very young to begin with and she has already had 3 children and trying to attend college full-time.  These points alone made me realize how amazing she is. 

During this appointment her youngest was so well behaved and her interaction with him was so loving and affectionate.  At times I forgot I was speaking with a young adult because of her maturity and poise.  Sometime when we see patients at a young age they are not always cooperative or polite and sometimes even act like they don’t care. 

I have two younger kids and go to school full-time and on a daily basis they keep me so busy and challenge me in every way possible. I just can’t imagine being so young with almost four children and going to school full-time. 

These are the kind of stories that make me want to be a better mom to my children.  When I think that my day couldn’t have been any worse, or I’m on my last nerve with my children, or even think that I have bad luck with everything, I will remember this young woman and realize if she can do it….so can I

She is a survivor and I am thankful for gaining that insight!!