The time has arrived…..Go-LIVE!!

28 Jul

What a big week at Family Health Center ….. Electronic Health Records  (“EHR”) has kicked into high gear!

After several months of LONG employee training sessions and all the frustration and challenges that come with “trying something new”…. we are going LIVE!!

The overall goal is to help our patients —  to have documentation, reports, lab results, and medical history for each and every patient (at all 6 locations) at the touch of your finger no matter what location you are in.  This will make things more efficient for everyone and will help patients get more comprehensive care — for example, our pediatrician can see the dentist’s notes and the counselor’s notes etc . . .  and can follow-up on referrals to ensure that patients get the extra help they need.

From what I’ve seen so far, DAY TWO has gone pretty well as far as transitions go.  Construction is ALSO going currently around the building for the new site — which adds to the challenges and the excitement — the future of FHC is just around the corner!

In one of my earlier post I mentioned how patients don’t like changes in new faces which is understandable but now it’s our turn to make a progressive change from inside out to make this a better place for the future.

We will all do this together!

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