The rare cases we see…

20 Jul

This week I was able to see a rare and unique case at Family Health Center.

It was brought to my attention by one of the Physicians that they wanted to review a case with me that included very unique and rare clinical pathology called uterine didelphys or in layman terms “double uterus.”

This patient has a septated cervix and septated vagina which is a condition less common than other uterine malformations.  In the United States uterine didelphys occurs 0.1-0.5% in women.  After researching this condition it made me realize even more how amazing the female body is!

The fact that a person with this condition can get pregnant in both uteri at the same time as well as deliver at different times is unbelievable.  A female in the UK delivered the first set of viable triplets in 2006.  She gave birth to a pair of identical twins from an egg that implanted into one womb and then divided, and an infant from a single egg that implanted into the other womb.

It’s been exciting to be able to learn about these rare anomalies during my time at Family Health Center.


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