You must be new here?!

13 Jul

For the last week I have been over at the South location on Centre St. and have been amazed at the difference in locations.  South is much smaller than the main location (on Paterson) which brings quietness.  Usually there are 1-2 providers each day serving patients in six exam rooms.  I have noticed more of a calm environment and fewer no- shows for appointments.

Here more than at Paterson I have  also noticed how important familiar faces are to the patients.  It’s almost instant when I go into a room and they notice that I’m new —  it completely changes their non-verbals.

If I was to received money every time I roomed a patient and was asked, “You must be new?”, “Where is the other MA who works with Dr…..?”,  or “I’ve never seen you before,” I would be rich!

Patients are very particular about having everything the same when they are seen.  Most people do not like change.  I can be one of them so I know where they are coming from.  This is starting to teach me unique ways of making people feel comfortable about the “new face” so they are less nervous.

I think some of the patients know that it’s hard enough for them to get proper health care and when things change it makes them worried that they won’t get the same treatment.

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