Good Health Care, Pregnancies, STDs . . . Lost in Translation?!

5 Jul

These past two weeks I’ve worked in the OB/GYN department and have had many eye opening experiences!

I am amazed at the number of patients seen in this department. OB/GYN is an area in which I’ve always been interested and this last two weeks has confirmed it!

From the very young to middle-aged women from many different backgrounds, I have really realized how important good health care is to everyone. When you look at the pregnant clients coming in it makes you want to educate them on anything and everything you can because you know how important it will be for the little human inside of them. Whether it was a planned, unplanned, first or multiple pregnancies the earlier you educate the better.

One of the areas that surprises me the most is how many patients come in with STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) or STIs (sexually transmitted infections). It is sad to hear very young teenagers learn of their new diagnosis and shocking to see the ones that know that they have something but act like it’s no big deal. Many are in denial about why reoccurrences happen and don’t want to tell their partner because of embarassment or stigma so the partners don’t get properly treated. We want to help take away the stigma from this area of medical care so that people don’t keep passing on disease unnecessarily.

Another area that I’m realizing is so important is being bilingual. There is such a demand in this area of Kalamazoo to have people who can translate so that our patients can get the appropriate care they need. On a daily basis we have to call for translators for many clients.

This is something that I have some schooling for but would definitely consider learning more so I could communicate more with the clients. Luckily, FHC has a variety of bilingual staff members that can be called upon for help.

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